What Rack and Manage does?

Rack and Manage is a datacenter asset management system, helping document hardware assets, network addresses, space in racks, networks configuration, IPs, OS and locations.

System administrators usually come to the point where they have to manage complex documentation of racks, devices, and network resources. Most of them put the information in spreadsheets and in the event of change they have to update the spreadsheets accordingly. That may be plausible more or less up to the moment when more than one person is to be involved in the job. Soon after it becomes a complete mess that in most of the cases is found impossible to manage.

We aim to provide solution to solve that problem. We faced the same situation as we had to work on hundreds of servers, thousands of IP addresses, storage devices, lots of network equipment and other appliances available in the data centers. And, like everyone else, we’ve been trying to keep documentation and spreadsheets and failed to maintain them in good order.

Rack management has never been so easy and fast. Now it the time to put all the information in one place, monitor and even predict future issues. Add flexibility and organization to your rack installation with shelves, mounting rails, cable management products and more.

Learn more about the data center asset management software solutions Rack and Manage. Built up to help manage your entire data center infrastructure.

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Rack and Manage Rack View

Rack and Manage Rack View

Rack and Manage Dashboard

Rack and Manage Dashboard

Why Rack and Manage?

Rack and Manage delivers comprehensive and low cost solution that helps companies visualize their infrastructure and network, it improves capacity and mitigates the impacts of planned and unplanned IT network changes. Software centralizes data center management making IT assets visible, understandable, and controllable using Rack and Manage.

Initiated with the idea for optimizing data center rack capacity it becomes complete rack management software for controlling all racked hardware.

Rack and Manage is a data center solutions for any sized company.

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List of all devices – servers, storage, and network equipment
List of all racks and enclosures
Mounted devices into the rack
Maintaining device physical ports, and links between them

Managing IP addresses, assign IPs to devices and group them into network
Documenting your data center/room processes
Attaching files in the system
Labeling everything and even everyone with flexible tagging system

What problems does it solve?

Rack and Manage provides the answers about everything – what do we have, where do we have it, where each cable is connected, which are the IPs used, how much power do they consume, how to optimize the whole thing. It is pecifically designed to handle all data center infrastructure management software (DCIM) needs.

Conceived to be scalable and flexible, Rack and Manage gives you the secure feeling that your organization’s business processes will not be affected by unwanted outages and interruptions.

The name "Rack and Manage" comes from the fact that the original motivation for this software was to replace a set of pre-existing rack diagrams, excel and other files. Having all the information collected in different files and places creates tons of problems to every team.

Our DCIM software solution automates the management of all your assets, resources, processes and people throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT infrastructure.

By using Rack and Manage, you can:

  • Monitor your entire infrastructure and server processes
  • Automatically fix problems in the moment they are detected
  • Coordinate technical team responses
  • Save energy, money and time on mapping and managing devices
  • Respond to issues at the first sign of a problem

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Partnership Program

Rack and Manage, a leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, invites you to explore the numerous benefits of our partnership program.

We welcome every opportunity for reference and support and we are pleased to invite you to become reseller partner no matter the size, aiming to assist you in the dynamics of changing the way data center management are handled.

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You can try out any of our solution for free for up to 2 users with no restrictions. Rack and Manage is helping organizations around the world to make better business decisions with proven IT infrastructure management, device mappings, data center management, and netflow life-time analysis.