Rack and Manage delivers comprehensive and low cost solution that helps companies visualize their infrastructure and network, it improves capacity and mitigates the impacts of planned and unplanned IT network changes. Software centralizes data center management making IT assets visible, understandable, and controllable using Rack and Manage.

All in-one data center management solution

Company Overview

Initiated in 2016 as just an idea, Rack and Manage has grown to include a large number of useful features for ensuring that systems, applications, services, and business processes function properly. It was developed by admins and has been aimed for admins. With Rack and Manage you’ll never have to explain why a missed infrastructure outage has impeded your organization’s schedule.

Discover what our web-based application can do for you and learn how it works. See how implementing it in your IT infrastructure can drastically improve incident response time, reduce system downtime, and increase network and server health. View Our Demo.

Our Mission & Values

Our roadmap begins with our permanent and sustainable mission, declaring our purpose and goal as a company, and serving as our standard, to which to weigh our actions and decisions. At Rack and Manage, we live and breathe with the philosophy that people matter and results count.

We have put our Mission and Values here for you to be seen, along with what they mean to our clients and partners so that you can decide whether we are a company built of things that matter to you.

Mission - Provide all-in-one, world-class solutions for businesses.

Values - Understanding, building relationships, and supporting people.

Our Mission & Values
Corporate Goals

Corporate Goals

1. Customer needs first

2. Technology realignment

3. Establishing a global network

4. Make things better and simpler

5. Go Green and save Green

Our Team

Yuri Semov

Sales Manager

Georgi Georgiev


Ivan Kondaninski


Banko Stoyanov

Marketing Manager

A way to overcome your most-pressing challenges

Rack and Manage is completely dedicated to help companies manage their racks and infrastructure better and easier.

Every modern company manages its business processing using the right software: running their internal systems, selling a products or services, or even communicating and collaborating with partners, customers, or vendors. This management is no longer additional option,it is a MUST.

Every single IT manager needs to change the way he thinks about managing and to provide their teams with better tools and processes if they want to approach achieving any of the companies goals.

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Time-tested and proven architecture makes Rack and Manage perfect for your network monitoring needs.

  • Cut costs by automating routine tasks
  • Replace paper and/or Excel processes
  • Improve the staff efficiency
  • Streamline IT infrastructure operations properly
  • Increase or measure network productivity the right way

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