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July 29, 2018
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System Requirements

  • NodeJs – v9.XX
  • NPM – latest version
  • Bower – latest version
  • MongoDb v > 2.6
  • PostgreSQL ~ v10.x

Installation Steps

Database setup

The following databases must be installed before running any of the modules.
a) PostgreSQL – please refer to the following installation guide:

– Create database with name rackandmanage (or any other name).
The Postgres database structure creation file is located at sql directory.

Run the commands

export PGPASSWORD=< password >
psql -h < host > -d < database> -U < user_name > -a -w -f sql/database.pgsql

b) MongoDb – please refer to the following installation guide:

Run the command

mongo < mongo/database.js

Application setup

In order to install and run the web module you should have NodeJS installed first. Here you can download it. Please, select v9.x.x. Earlier or greater versions may not work with our web module.

Make sure that you have install the node package manager – npm as well as bower package manager – https://bower.io/

To install the required node modules and public libs

– run

npm install

command in the terminal.

After that you should

– run

bower install

as well. You should have the node_modules and public/lib directory appeared in the project root.

Before running the application you should edit your configuration file with the appropriate configurations:

See example configuration in yourcompanyname.js

Run application

1) Make run.sh executable

chmod +x run.sh

2) Run run.sh


The application should run on the selected port in your configuration (Default 3000)
Type http://localhost:3000/ in your browser

Login with:
username: admin
password: password


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