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Reduce downtime, prevent network incidents, and monitor the health of your entire rack network. Fill out our form and request a free demo now for a fully functional 30 days trial, allowing you access to all the functionality designed for enterprise-scale deployments. 

Designed both to be powerful and user-friendly, Rack and Manage provides incredible usability, flexibility and logical processing in order to meet your needs.

We offer semi-annual and annual licensing with NO hidden or other additional fees. You can benefit all features integrated in the software Your semi-annual or annual subscription includes support and updates - so you will always have the latest system available.

Our technical team is regularly adding new features to make the product suite as efficient and easy to use as possible. Rack and Manage makes it easy to monitor and manage your entire it infrastructure.

When we say it’s never been easier to optimize and know your server infrastructure, we mean it. Rack and Manage handles everything from monitoring and alerting, to securing mapping and planning. Now you can focus on the things you love.

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Rack management software needs to be more than just functional and reliable. Rack and Manage helps admins to organize and plan their network in detail. This allows them manage their fleet anytime, almost anywhere. It all adds up to a better user experience - and that's good for business.


Made for admins, allowing them to handoff smoothly work to clients with minimal efforts and to support them.


Copyright protected, fully secured, and optimized for growing your business infrastructure.


Built-up with a detailed marketing research and latest technologies, meeting your needs.


We go the extra mile to ensure that our innovative software has a high level of usability and simplicity.

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